The Truth about Survival Gear

If someone tells you that you should have a survival gear at home, what is your reaction? Do you agree with it? Or you simply ignore it? The video will show you how survival gear can help you in times of need and emergencies. Experts say that even kids may need survival gears. What is… Read more »

Compact Survival Kit

If you are about to go mountaineering with friends but you are afraid of getting lost in the wild, you should have your own compact survival kit. It will help you be prepared if ever you will really get lost. That is so unlucky to think though. But again, it is best to be prepared. … Read more »

Inside of a Scout Survival Kit

If you are about to buy a survival kit because you are about to join a camping activity, you are actually thinking the right thing. But there is a very common question linked to survival kit issues. What do you need to have?  In the video, you will learn about what a ‘scout survival kit’… Read more »