Inconvenient Truths about SHTF - Uber Survivalist

Inconvenient Truths about SHTF

Amidst the delicate balance of modern society, the rising interest in prepping, or being prepared for worst-case scenarios, whether it be personal mishaps or large-scale crises, is a fascinating subject….

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Living Without Electricity 10 Things to Consider - Uber Survivalist

Living Without Electricity 10 Things to Consider

Living without electricity isn’t just an abstract idea or a plot for a dystopian novel. In our convenient, modern world, the possibility of extended power outages looms large due to…

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Learn 10 Beginner Bushcraft Survival Skills - Uber Survivalist

Ten Essential Bushcraft and Survival Skills for Beginners

Andrew from “Range of Survival and Field Craft” shows various basic Bushcraft survival skills with an additional difficulty twist. He begins by emphasizing how basic tools, like a Swiss Army…

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Fishing Hooks that can save your life in a survival situation - Uber Survivalist

Lifesaving Fishing Hooks for Survival Situations

Fishing Hooks that Can Save Your Life in a Survival Situation! Survival scenarios are becoming an increasingly popular topic in various outdoor and adventure communities. Whether stranded in the wilderness…

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Emergency Waterfilter for Survival Situations - Uber Survivalist

Emergency Water filter for Survival Situations

In this tutorial, Lily demonstrates how to create a simple water filter for survival situations using materials found in the wilderness. She illustrates how a bottle (or a hollowed-out log…

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Primitive Water Container from a Log - Uber Survivalist

Primitive Water Container from a Log

Lily discusses the importance of having water storage containers when adventuring outdoors, as well as what steps could be taken if one were to lose one such as an expensive…

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10 Cs of URBAN Survival National Preparedness Month - Uber Survivalist

The 10 C’s of URBAN Survival

Imagine you’re caught in a city in the throes of a natural or man-made disaster. Would you be ready to face the challenge head-on, or would you panic and crumble…

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